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The Switchback App has helped my practice grow and profit through word of mouth marketing from patients who are over the top happy and refer their friends and family. This is where the future of physical therapy is... a five star patient experience!

Dave TownsendFounder

Our Difference

When asked about his passion, Dave says, “I love physical therapy now more than I ever have because my patients inspire me to be a better human being and I love the challenge of creating a transformational experience for them at every visit. Deep down, I’m obsessed with creating the ultimate patient experience and better than expected results. This helps me stay focused and avoid burnout. Now I want to help physical therapists do that too!”

His private practice in Santa Rosa, CA consistently wins awards as the best in class and has grown to 5 physical therapists through word of mouth referrals from patients who have an experience that is totally different and transformational.

Now, with the creation of the Switchback app he wants to help physical therapists connect with their patients at a deeper level by capturing the teachable moments during their visits on video in a super simple, visually appealing way! “Ultimately,” he says, “It’s all about loving what you do, and creating the most awesome patient experience possible!”.

Dave lives in Northern California with his wife and 3 children. He loves Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Snowboarding and anything that gets him outside!

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